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Introducing The Blue Planet Book Club

Book Club HTallent 20 Nov, 2021

An idea that sprouted during the pandemic is finally coming to fruition. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Blue Planet Book Club!

Our first meeting will be on Thursday, January 20th. We have three books that we're considering:

1) The Soul of an Octopus by Cy Montgomery
The Soul of an Octopus is a nonfiction book written by naturalist Sy Montgomery. Inspired by her visit to an aquarium, she explores the intelligence of octopuses and speculates on their emotional and rational capabilities. Learning from scientists and aquarists, she also educates the reader about octopuses’ often mysterious physiology while forming strong bonds with several octopuses, each with their own personalities. The book was a finalist in 2015 for a National Book Award. Category: Animals

2) Into The Planet by Jill Heinerth
Renowned cave diver Jill Heinerth gives a firsthand account of her explorations of the hidden depths of our oceans and the sunken caves inside our planet. She shares the split-second decisions that determine whether a diver makes it back to safety and the prejudices that prevent women from pursuing careers underwater. Heinerth also appreciates the beauty beyond the danger of cave diving and writes at length about working with biologists discovering new species, physicists tracking climate change, and hydrogeologists examining our finite freshwater reserves. Her story takes readers deep into inner space, where fear must be reconciled and a mission’s success balances between knowing one’s limits and pushing the envelope of human endurance. Category: Diving; Exploration

3) The Ocean of Life by Callum Roberts
Conservation biologist Callum Roberts gives a history of mankind’s relationship to the sea, from the earliest traces of water on earth to the oceans as we know them today. In the process, Roberts looks at how the taming of the oceans has shaped human civilization and affected marine life. We have always been fish eaters, from the dawn of civilization, but in the last twenty years we have transformed the oceans beyond recognition. Putting our exploitation of the seas into historical context, Roberts offers a devastating account of the impact of modern fishing techniques, pollution, and climate change, and reveals what it would take to steer the right course while there is still time. Category: Ocean; Ecology

We want to hear from YOU regarding which book to discuss first! Please click here to vote for your choice of books and to opt in for the Book Club. We will announce the final selection at our Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 14th.

Our first few meetings will likely be via Zoom, but we will look into offering hybrid meetings (both in person and virtual) as we go forward, based on everyone's comfort level. 

And when purchasing the Book Club selection of the month, we strongly encourage you to SHOP SMALL and support your local independent book store!

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