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BLOG News, Conservation, and Dive How To's!

Have you ever been on a vacation and been shocked at the amount of debris floating in the water and littering the beach? Or wondered if the local people are benefiting from your tourism dollars? As divers, we are often more aware of issues impacting […]

How To Spot Some Of Our Favorite Cryptic Critters On Your Next Dive

Remember when you first started diving? There was so much to see that you hardly knew where to look! Colorful parrot fish chomping on corals. Schools of wrasse streaming over the reef. Gorgeous angelfish slipping past, and if you were lucky, a sea turtle or […]

7 Secrets To Better Underwater Photos (and Encounters) By Understanding Fish Behavior

We know how it goes: you dry off from a dive, eager to load your photos onto your laptop or iPad to see if THAT SHOT actually came out. The one with that fish you were stalking forever! The one your friends will not believe […]