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DUTCH SPRINGS Diving in Pennsylvania

Dutch Springs

Divers from all around the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast come to this site. Being 50 acres in size and complete with attractions all the way down to 100' there is certainly plenty to see. This spring fed scuba park is a wonderful place for scuba education as well as general diving. 

Temperature and turbidity range depending on the time of year and the depth you plan to dive to. Typically open from April-November, cooler months offer better visibility but come with lower temperatures at the surface and at depth. Visibility between 15'-80' can be expected; temperatures between 40-77 degrees can be expected. As always, check with staff and other divers when making your dive plan to know what to expect the day(s) you are there. Most divers prefer to dive in a dry suit, however visiting many of the sites can be done with a high quality 7 mm wet suit, and well fitted hood and gloves.


Numerous training platforms at both entrances to the water provide a good opportunity to conduct weight checks and skill reviews. They also offer wonderful reference points both above and bwlow the surface when trying to find a specific wreck or navigating to the exit after a thrilling dive. Located deeper underwater, boats, trucks, planes, a crane, and even a helicopter can be found and explored. 


Dutch Springs offers everything from tent rentals, scuba equipment, dry suits, and cylinders. Everything you need for diving can be found here or at a nearby shop. For divers that do not elect to bring their own lunch, Dutch Spings has an extensive concessions stand.


Located about 196 miles north from Blue Planet Scuba, the trip takes about 3.5 hours depending on traffic. Google Map Directions


Hotels in Bethlehem, PA are your best bet if you are not a fan of camping or the weather is inclement. For dinner, we suggest Fegley's, McCarthy's and The Mint.


An updated guide can be found here. Seasonal Passes can be found here.

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