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This Thanksgiving, We’re Grateful For Our Incredible Dive Community! We Need You Now More Than Ever.

News HTallent 23 Nov, 2020

2020 has not turned out like anyone expected. Yes, it’s the understatement of the year, but true in so many ways. 

Last month marked our tenth anniversary, our tenth year operating as DC’s only downtown dive shop. We had such big plans for celebrating...but instead all our focus has been on just staying afloat.

What was supposed to have been a year to celebrate – our ten year anniversary – has been the worst year we could have imagined. 

Like so many other small local businesses, we’re exhausted. We tried to be optimistic in the beginning. Surely the shutdowns won’t last that long. We’ll take this down time to work on the long-term projects that always get pushed to the side. We’ll pivot, try to keep our customers engaged even if we can’t see them.

But each time we were hopeful, there was more bad news. Trips planned out far in advance were cancelled, one by one. Students who signed up to get certified ahead of their trips asked for refunds when their vacations were cancelled. The pool we use to train divers closed in March and we still have no idea when it will reopen. 

But, thanks to you, this amazing community of committed divers, we’re still here. Thanks to you who bought gear and gift cards and signed up for classes you knew you’d have to wait to take. Who signed up as inaugural Explorers Club members. Who joined us over Zoom for happy hours, movie nights or just to catch up. Who joined us this summer at Lake Phoenix or Dutch Springs. You have helped keep us operational and our spirits up!

Now, as the weather gets colder and Covid-19 case numbers climb again, we’re facing down a long, hard winter. We’re asking for your help again. Please continue to support local small businesses in your area like Blue Planet Scuba. Don’t forget us as you’re shopping for the perfect gift for the holidays; we have a ton of great options for divers and non-divers alike. 

Thank you so much for your continued commitment to keeping DC’s dive community alive! We will all make it through this together!

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