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Save Up To $200 On Garmin Descent Series Dive Computers

Equipment JFurberg 22 Apr, 2023

Both recreational and professional divers rely on cutting-edge technology for their safety and to enhance their underwater experiences. Garmin developed the Descent series dive computers to meet this demand.

Garmin Descent: For both your worldsThese computers represent the latest in modern advances by using:

  • customizable, color, LED screens,
  • Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your mobile device, and
  • rechargeable batteries so no batteries to run out or change!

While other dive computer manufacturers offer these same three advances, Garmin also includes their multi-sport tracking for when you’re out running, at the gym or on a hike. And with built-in GPS, this device helps you find your way when hiking as well as marking your location when diving.

While connected to your mobile device, the Descent series can display any notifications like texts and phone calls, but luckily, not while in Dive Mode!

Now is a great time to invest in any of the three models in the Descent Series:

The G1 Series are the least expensive since they don’t come with LED screens, but rather LCD Screens. But, the G1 Series has a Solar model which charges itself while exposed to sun!

The MK2 Series has two versions – the full sized MK2i and the smaller MK2s. Consider the MK2i if you want the longest run time on a fully charged battery and optional air integration so you can see the pressure in your cylinder all on your screen.

Save up to $200 until May 31st!

Garmin is offering a rebate on all three Descent models for computers purchsaed between April 16, 2023-May 31, 2023. Once you purchase one of these dive computers, at full retail price, you’ll be given information on how to redeem your rebate. The rebates are:

  • $50 on the G1 Series
  • $100 on the MK2s
  • $200 on the MK2i

Shop our online store or stop by to grab yours today!


The Fine Print
A customer who purchases a qualifying Descent G1 series or Descent Mk2 series dive computer from April 16 through May 31, 2023, is eligible to receive $50, $100 or $200 via rebate when submitting their rebate online at Garminrebates.com. Limit one rebate submission per customer. The product must be purchased in factory-new condition. All submissions must be postmarked by July 1, 2023.

Qualifying Descent G1 series and Descent Mk2 series (LIMIT ONE):

  • $50 rebate — Descent G1 — Slate Gray
  • $50 rebate — Descent G1 — Powder Gray
  • $50 rebate — Descent G1 Solar — Black
  • $50 rebate — Descent G1 Solar — Hurricane Blue
  • $100 rebate — Descent Mk2 — Stainless Steel with Black Band
  • $100 rebate — Descent Mk2S — Light Gold with Light Sand Silicone Band
  • $100 rebate — Descent Mk2S — Carbon Gray DLC with Black Silicone Band
  • $100 rebate — Descent Mk2S — Mineral Blue with Sea Foam Silicone Band
  • $200 rebate — Descent Mk2i — Titanium Carbon Gray DLC with Black Band
  • $200 rebate — Descent Mk2i — Bundle, Titanium Carbon Gray DLC with DLC Titanium Band (Includes Descent T1)
  • $200 rebate — Descent Mk2i — Bundle, Titanium Carbon Gray DLC with Black Band (Includes Descent T1) 

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