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A Look Back At 2022 Conservation Wins

Conservation 13 Jan, 2023

Last year, we had numerous opportunities for divers and not-yet-divers to participate in the conservation efforts we have come to love! We are very thankful to everyone who came out, whether locally here in DC, or on one of our many international adventures, to help us engage in and spread the word about ocean conservation. Plus, almost 100 new Open Water Divers became certified with us in 2022, so even more help for next year!

Rock Creek Stream Team

For over 10 years Blue Planet Scuba has been a Stream Team with the Rock Creek Conservancy. Our adopted section of the creek (where Pierce Mill and Tilden intersect) has become a gem for us and keeping it clean is something we love doing with all of you!

We removed over 500 pounds of trash over 5 different cleanups in 2022 with your help. Let's aim for even more in 2023!

Underwater Cleanups

Each year we receive special permission from the state of Maryland to get early, free access to Sandy Point State Park to conduct underwater cleanups. Not only is this is fun time for everyone involved, it's also a great way to learn how to be a Dive Against Debris Diver; one of PADI's newest and most popular specialty courses. Since it has been so popular, we also offer this training on our international trips! Underwater cleanups are also possible on any dive.

We removed over 17 pounds (94 pieces) of debris from our local dives sites and sites as far away as the Philippines. In the processes, we added 10 new divers to our Dive Against Debris Team!

Conservation Specialties

The other conservation specialties we teach are fun and informative too! Everything from Shark Conservation, Coral Reef Conservation, Project AWARE and Fish ID. While some of these require ocean dives, some of them can be completed over Zoom!

We issued 41 certifications last year focusing on the topics above! 

Coral Restoration

Coral restoration is a unique way that divers can contribute to saving our reefs. Through hands-on, underwater activities like cleaning coral "trees," outplanting coral fragments onto reefs and removing any algae or predators from newly planted fragments, you can help restore these essential ecosystems! 

We introduced 14 divers to coral restoration techniques on our October trip to the Florida Keys!

100% AWARE Dive Shop

AS many of you know, we are a 100% AWARE shop. What this means - in PADI lingo - is that for each certification we issue (and that you earn), we make a donation on your behalf to the PADI AWARE Foundation, and you get a special AWARE certification card. 

With the classes you took with us in 2022, we donated $3890 to PADI AWARE on your behalf! Well done! 

Holiday Party Fundraiser

We had another successful Holiday Party at Cotton & Reed this past December! Successful on a few fronts too, since we were able to raise money for Jr. Scientists in the Sea!

Your donations totalled $1740 for Jr. Scientists in the Sea! 

Special Events

Lastly, we hope to continue in 2023 the seminars, online presentations, and plogging for REEF that we did in 2022! Last year we had some incredible speakers discuss conservation efforts both in person and online. We look forward to even more opportunities this year.

Next up, keep an eye out for our Green Fins announcement!

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