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Summer Seminars: Reef-safe Products & Marine Ecology

Events HTallent 15 Jun, 2022

We are excited to announce two exciting seminars in the coming weeks!

Nanoparticles, benzene, endocrine disruptors...oh my!

Are your body care products keeping parrotfish from breeding? Are you harming the reef, yourself and future generations? It's challenging to figure out which products are safe to use. Just because something is labelled "reef-safe," is it really??

Join us for a special virtual presentation from Stream2Sea Executive VP Mike Malterre about some of the ways we can help keep toxic chemicals OUT of our oceans and off our skin. Be sure to log on for a chance to win PRIZES during the talk!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 starting at 6 PM via Zoom

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and we'll send you the link to join: https://forms.gle/Hc8SubRuDfNb1eDj9.

Marine Ecology Seminars with Dr. Alex Brylske

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Alex Brylske, founder of Ocean Education International and dive industry expert, to join us for an afternoon of fascinating marine ecology seminars! These programs are free but RSVPs are required as space is very limited.

Sunday, July 3, 2022 starting at 12 PM at Pupatella, right next to the Blue Planet shop (1755 S Street NW, Washington, DC 20009)

12-3 PM: "Secrets of the Coral Reef" & "Secrets of Coral Reef Fish(es)" - perfect for the recreational diver and ocean lover!

3:30-6 PM: "Perfecting the Customer Experience: The Art and Science of Coral Reef Interpretation" - for dive professionals.

These seminars are FREE and you're welcome to purchase a pizza, snacks and drinks while you enjoy the presentations. Please click here to registerhttps://forms.gle/tPH7zmzjYYK8p8un8.

Learn more about what will be covered in each seminar:

12-3 PM: "Secrets of the Coral Reef" & "Secrets of Coral Reef Fish(es)" - Dr. Brylske will explore the “shifting baseline” phenomenon and other aspects of coral ecology that are rarely addressed. He'll highlight how science is expanding its understanding of a wide range of issues, from coral physiology to resource management, and explain both ongoing and emerging threats to coral reefs and how divers can contribute to successful marine conservation efforts.

Then we'll look at some rarely addressed aspects of coral reef fishes, including how “form drives function” along with how this relates to behavior. Also explained are recent insights into fish reproductive biology and the profound effects that overfishing can have on coral reef food webs.

3:30-6 PM: "Perfecting the Customer Experience: The Art and Science of Coral Reef Interpretation" - This special program for dive professionals will learn how to apply information gleaned from experts in the field of environmental interpretation with a special focus on local diving. You learn how to translate the story of coral reefs and other habitats in ways that engage and inspire your guests. It also emphasizes way you can help divers develop the necessary attitudes and behavior for more responsible diving practice and support marine conservation efforts.

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