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Join The Reef Fish Out Of Water 5k!

Events HTallent 02 Apr, 2022

REEF Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K logoIt’s time to dust off those running shoes and join Blue Planet for the 3rd Annual REEF Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K!

It’s a great way to get out and get active in your local community while making your miles count. From June 6-12, ocean enthusiasts everywhere can get moving in the name of conservation. You can choose to run, walk, hike, bike, or even swim, completing the 5K (3.1 miles) distance in one day or broken into smaller sections over the week.

REEF Fish Out of Water 5K swag1) Register for the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5Khttps://www.reef.org/5Kregistration.

2) Select your Fish Race Team. (You will join one of five Fish Teams: Ocean Sunfish, Manta Ray, Whale Shark, Lionfish, or Nassau Grouper. Check out the Fish Teams page to see which is the team for you!)

3) Join the Blue Planet Scuba Fish Shoal!

4) Post your fish team and tag us!

REEF Fish Out of Water 5K teams

You may be wondering... why are we calling Blue Planet Scuba a Fish Shoal and not a Fish School? The answer is because each member of your group will select their own Fish Team and they don't have to pick the same species. A simple group of fish is called a "shoal." It can contain a number of species. Shoaling makes it easier for fish to find food because more individuals are on the lookout. Large numbers also help fish find mates. In addition, being in a group offers some protection against predators, similar to hiding in a crowd. A group of the same species of fish that swim together and move in a synchronized manner is referred to as a "school."

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