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Save On A New Suunto Vyper Novo Lite!

Gear Specials HTallent 20 Apr, 2021

Perfect for helping you take your diving to the next level, the nitrox-ready Vyper Novo dive computer includes enhanced features like wireless air integration, a digital compass, and gas switching, all primed and ready, right out of the box.

And through May 31 only, you can get a deep deal on all Vyper Novo Lite computers. But why stop there? Go big and bundle with a Transmitter to save even more!

All told, you save $50 off the Vyper Novo Lite, and $100 off when you splurge on the package. This spring, go big or go home and Vyper your dive.

Offer available at participating dive shops through May 31, 2021.

SHOP NOW! Click here to visit the Vyper Novo on our online store.

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