Local Diving

There are a number of great spots to dive in the Mid-Atlantic! Check out our list below. And join Blue Planet for our local dive weekends — click here for the upcoming schedule.

Lake Phoenix, Virginia


The avid diver will experience nothing less than a good time at Lake Phoenix. While many divers wouldn’t look toward the Mid-Atlantic for a quality diving location, Lake Phoenix provides surprises for those seeking something different in their adventures.  With a maximum depth of 65 feet, warm water, and good visibility (30 to 60 feet), the lake has many wonders to explore.  In fact, Lake Phoenix is so popular among divers that it was rated as one of the top 50 dive sites in the U.S. by a national diving publication!  Lake Phoenix is approximately 180 miles from Washington, DC.

Dutch Springs, Pennsylvania


Dutch Springs, approximately 200 miles from Washington, DC, is a 50-acre lake, with attractions at depths up to 100 feet. It is spring-fed from an underground aquifer that filters through limestone to provide excellent visibility.  Underwater platforms are perfect for students and newer divers.  Other submerged vehicles, aircraft and other unusual sites for divers of every level.  (Cindy’s favorite is the must-see Sikorsky Helicopter)  Enjoy a variety of interesting fish and aquatic life, including rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bluegills, palomino trout, koi, yellow perch and goldfish.

Juturna Springs, Maryland


Juturna Springs is just outside of Fredrick, Maryland. They are currently waiting for permits to clear with the local municipalities, so stay tuned!

Lake Millbrook, Virginia


Lake Millbrook is only 40 miles from Washington, DC, making it a very convenient way to get some local bottom time! This spring-filled lake is stocked with fish, and open only to divers and their guests. There is plenty to see underwater for all levels of divers. Sites include everything from cars to boats to a Space Station.

Guppy Gulch, Pennsylvania


Scuba Divers of all levels find excitement at Guppy Gulch! The quarry is located in Delta, Pennsylvania, just north of the Maryland state line — an hour and a half drive from Washington, D.C. With 15 Acres of spring-fed water, 5 underwater platforms at 10′, 20, & 30′ and 320 feet of floating docks, it’s a great place for training. Other features include: Water Treated for Improved Visibility | Air Station on Site | Depths to 80 feet | Camping Facilities | Sunken Boats, Trains, Trucks & Cycles | Night Diving by Appointment | Year-round Diving | Parking Close to Dive Site | Lighted Pavilion and Picnic Tables

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