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DIVING DURING LOCKDOWN: We offer several specialties that do not require any in-water skills and several others where we can review the course material together in advance. And while we're social distancing, we can run them online!
View Course Aware Shark Conservation Diver
PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Diver
US$ 165.00
View Course Coral Reef Conservation Diver
PADI Coral Reef Conservation Diver
US$ 99.00
View Course Dive Against Debris
PADI Dive Against Debris
US$ 185.00
View Course Sea Turtle Awareness
PADI Sea Turtle Awareness
US$ 165.00
View Course Aware Fish Identification Course
PADI AWARE Fish Identification Course
US$ 235.00
View Course Aware Specialty
PADI AWARE Specialty
US$ 99.00
View Course Equipment Specialist
PADI Equipment Specialist
US$ 210.00