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Follow your dive details on the super clear, high contrast color screen. Choose from 3 dive modes and browse the simple and intuitive menu with three buttons to easily switch between views and settings. Follow your gas pressure conveniently straight… - Read More

US$ 964.95


The compact Suunto EON Core is a great dive companion whether you are just beginning diving or an active diver exploring new depths. The key details of your dive are easy to read from the clear color display with large, prominent digits. This fully featured… - Read More

US$ 929.95

The robust Suunto EON Steel is designed for divers who demand the most of their dive computer. With the extremely durable construction, wide-angle BrightSee™ color screen and multiple gas support, this dive computer is ideal for advanced diving. Customizable… - Read More

US$ 1,099.95


The Suunto Tank POD is a wireless tank pressure transmitter that allows you to view current tank pressure with just a glance at your wrist. The robust digital communications technology brings not only improved stability but also new features such as… - Read More

US$ 439.95

Explore both of your worlds — underwater and topside — with Descent™ Mk2S. This smaller watch-sized dive computer features multiple dive modes, such as single and multiple gas dives, gauge, apnea, apnea hunt and closed-circuit rebreather. Descent Mk2S… - Read More

US$ 999.99

Track your workouts and diving with Descent Mk2, the watch-sized dive computer. Descent Mk2 comes with surface GPS capabilities to mark the start and end of your dive! On land, Descent Mk2 doubles as a premium multisport GPS smartwatch with multiple… - Read More

US$ 1,299.99

Track your breath and depth with Descent™ Mk2i, the watch-sized dive computer. It features SubWave™ sonar technology for integrated tank pressure monitoring on up to 5 tanks when paired with the Descent™ T1 transmitter, making it ideal for instructors… - Read More

US$ 1,499.99

Pair the Garmin Transmitter to your Garmin Mk2 dive watch and track your tank pressure and breathing rate. This does NOT replace your analog SPG, but gives much more information! - Read More

US$ 399.99


The world’s first near eye remote display for scuba divers has been redesigned for enhanced flexibility and reliability. In addition to the DiveCAN and Fischer versions, OC divers can now experience the freedom the NERD 2 has to offer. The universal… - Read More

US$ 1,725.00


The Perdix AI. Offering all of the same great features of the Perdix, the Perdix AI uses its large, easy-to-read screen to clearly display the tank pressure as well as your gas time remaining (GTR). The Perdix AI is capable of connecting to either one… - Read More

US$ 1,120.00

The Perdix AI. Offering all of the same great features of the Perdix, the Perdix AI uses its large, easy-to-read screen to clearly display the tank pressure as well as your gas time remaining (GTR). The Perdix AI is capable of connecting to either one… - Read More

US$ 1,165.00


The Peregrine is best suited for Air and Nitrox divers that want a great screen at an exceptional value with a simplified feature set. Shearwater divers can now connect their Peregrine and have the flexibility to share information between all electronic… - Read More

US$ 530.00


Intuitive controls and menu navigation along with a bright, vivid color display. With a high degree of customization, the Teric brings divers a timepiece and dive computer of unprecedented capabilities. - Read More

US$ 1,170.00

Aqua Lung's Transmitters, used in conjunction with a compatible wrist computer, allow you to monitor current pressure and gas time remaining without a stiff high pressure hose, while providing a more streamlined profile. - Read More

US$ 395.00

Get fresh design and easy versatility in our popular i200 dive computer, plus the power to send and manage your dive data wirelessly. Bluetooth connectivity lets you share your stats, location, memories, and photos on social media via the free DiverLog+… - Read More

US$ 470.00

Bluetooth technology is now added to the popular i300, making it even simpler to use! The i300C's uncomplicated, intuitive, and rugged design lets you focus on your dive, not your gear. With an easy-to-use interface, flexible operating modes, built-in… - Read More

US$ 460.00

The i330R is the ideal choice for advanced divers who love exploring the world and need to rely on their dive computers anywhere they are. Thanks to its bright color screen, readable even in sunlight and its rechargeable battery, it won’t let you down.… - Read More

US$ 419.00

The most tech-savvy diver will appreciate the i770R's cutting-edge ultra-bright TFT color screen and its wireless Bluetooth connectivity packaged into a robust, functional, and compact design. Monitor all your information with the easy-to-use interface… - Read More

US$ 999.00

When you’re ready to take diving to the next level, Suunto Vyper Novo is the perfect new dive buddy to take along. Super-solid and nitrox-capable, it’s packed with advanced features that open up new possibilities for exploring the depths, including optional… - Read More

US$ 359.95

Whether you’re just starting out on your diving journey or looking to explore new underwater adventures, Suunto Zoop Novo has everything you need. With your easy to understand key dive data available at a glance on the big, super-bright backlit display,… - Read More

US$ 299.95

The Suunto Combo Console CB - Two-in-line allows you to create a personal console according to your own specific needs. You can mount depth gauges by using the CB-in-line boot. You can also mount dive compasses to the front or back. - Read More

US$ 449.95

Atomic Aquatics

CLOSE-OUT SALE! ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! The air-integrated Atomic Aquatics COBALT 2 is truly brilliant…in more ways than one. Easy to see. Simple to use. Now even smarter. Cobalt 2 is a powerful, customizable dive tool. The brilliant full-color LCD… - Read More

US$ 695.00