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DIVING DURING LOCKDOWN: We offer several specialties that do not require any in-water skills and several others where we can review the course material together in advance. And while we're social distancing, we can run them online!

Sharks are crucial to marine ecosystems, yet sharks are in a global decline. Learn about the value of sharks and what is causing the rapid loss of shark populations. The course may include two scuba dives or may be presented as a nondiving education… - Read More

US$ 165.00

As a scuba diver, the health of aquatic ecosystems is often what makes a good dive. Become aware of the fragileness of coral reefs and how you can help preserve them. What You Learn The AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course teaches you about… - Read More

US$ 99.00

Sadly, many dives sites around the world contain evidence of negative human impact on the environment in the form of debris. This can be any sort of trash, rubbish, or recycling. What You Learn First, find a dive that has debris. Then we go about planning… - Read More

US$ 185.00

Do you know how many species of sea turtles there are? Could you identify them on a dive? Join us for this fun, informative class to learn more about endangered sea turtles and why they're so important to marine ecosystems. The Fun Part Challenge your… - Read More

US$ 165.00

Many divers soon realize that understanding more about the environments in which we dive adds to the overall experience. A great place to start is here - with fish ID! We break down common species into their respective families. This way,… - Read More

US$ 235.00

The underwater world needs heroes. You can be one of them by championing the causes of the world’s most fragile and important aquatic ecosystems! The Fun Part You can make a difference. Learn about some of the most pressing problems facing these vulnerable… - Read More

US$ 99.00

As a scuba diver, we rely on many types of equipment in order to have a safe and enjoyable dive. Increasing your familiarity with these items allows for a greater understanding of how to prevent and solve somewhat common gear related issues. What You… - Read More

US$ 210.00