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Caribbean Reef Life

Caribbean Reef Life

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Caribbean Reef Life has expanded to a 4th Edition!

Caribbean Reef Life covers the full range of a coral reef’s biodiversity. This expanded 4th edition is more than just an identification book; it aims to give divers a deeper understanding of these dynamic ecosystems and how different species, including our own, contribute to the reef as a whole. ​With more than 300 new species added, this 4th edition has over 1800 reef inhabitants identified and described, including different life stages for many species, color variations and growth patterns. ​An essential companion on any diving trip, Caribbean Reef Life covers all aspects and inhabitants of a coral reef ecosystem, from the simple Marine Plants to Sponges, Hard Corals and Octocorals, Invertebrates, Reef Fishes, as well as Marine Mammals and Turtles. ​All in one handy book.

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