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Wind Storm Whistle, Orange

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Wind Storm Whistle, Orange

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The Windstorm™ Whistle is the second loudest handheld whistle in the world, behind only the Storm®, producing a powerful 123 dB sound that carries over long distance. It’s a more compact and lighter version of the Storm with slightly lower loudness. It takes little effort to blow and the unique shape is easy to grip so you won’t tire as quickly when you’re injured and seeking rescue. This whistle is very loud, so cover your ears!

This whistle performs in all conditions. Even noisy howling wind is no match. It can be heard on land up to 0.5 mile (0.8 km), over water up to 1 mile (1.6 km), and even underwater up to 50 ft (15 m). While most whistles struggle to make a sound after surfacing from under water, Windstorm’s water purging design clears like a champ. And the high-impact, non-corroding, thermoplastic housing can be used safely in the cold.

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