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Aqua Lung


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A combination of features like no other. By adjusting the air flow path through the 2nd stage and inhalation effort simultaneously, the Leg3nd MBS (Master Breathing System) provides excellent performance on every dive. Designed so you can breathe easy.

First Stage

  • Auto Closure Device (ACD) keeps the inlet shut to protect the first stage internal parts from contamination and corrosive water.
  • Exceptional cold-water performance: Deep ribs create a large heat exchange surface area that helps to prevent ice forming on the mechanism while the new overmolded cap delays ice forming over the external diaphragm
  • Auto-Balanced (also known as Over-Balanced)
  • Progressive increase of the working pressure to maintain optimum breathing efforts: Depending on the diver's depth, the working pressure of the first stage is automatically elevated to counteract the increased breathing air density

Second Stage

  • New front cover opening channels allow water to flow sideways over the diaphragm
  • Overmolded air purge - wide surface area makes regulator purging easier and purge depth controller optimizes air flow with minimal effort
  • Patented Comfobite mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue and secures the second stage more comfortably.
  • The enlarged heat exchanger helps to prevent freezing of the second stage mechanism



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