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Aware Week 2020

Conservation CHoenow 29 Aug, 2020

It’s that time of year again...AWARE Week is right around the corner! For AWARE Week 2020 we are going to take a look at how COVID-19 has impacted the oceans and dive into how we can ensure we are still actively doing all we can to protect it! 

Starting in 2018, Project AWARE began hosting AWARE Weeks to help galvanize support for marine conservation within the global dive community. Dive shops around the world host educational events, dives against debris, and marine conservation classes to help create a wave of support for the ocean amongst divers. This years theme is "Carrying the torch for ocean protection" and we hope you will join us in becoming an ocean torchbearer

AWARE Week 2020 runs from September 19th - 27th this year and we have an exciting lineup of events that we hope you will join us for. Whether you want to learn about marine debris and get involved with a clean up, attend a Project AWARE class, or learn all about the state of corals around the world we have something you will be interested in. 

Here is the current schedule of events for AWARE Week -- sign up today! And be sure to check back frequently for more updates!

  • Saturday, September 19 - Rock Creek Cleanup

  • Sunday, September 20 - Dive Against Debris @ Sandy Point State Park (classroom session for this meets over Zoom on Thursday, September 17)

  • Tuesday, September 22 - Project AWARE Specialty: COVID edition. There has been a lot of talk over the past few months about what impact COVID-19 is having on the ocean. Some good, some bad, and some super confusing. Join us for a special edition of Project AWARE where we will take a look at what is actually going on with the ocean as a result of COVID-19.

  • Wednesday, September 23 - Coral Reef Conservation Specialty 

  • Thursday, September 24 - AWARE Week Happy Hour. Join us for a virtual happy hour to discussion all things related to diving and conservation! Special bonus: we'll discuss travel plans for the rest of this year and 2021. Don't miss it!


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