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Project Aware Tips 1&2

I am a buoyancy expert⁣ ⁣As some of the few people on the planet lucky enough to see the underwater world up close it is up to us to encourage responsible behavior both on dives and on the surface by modelling these good behaviors ourselves. […]

There's Never Been A Better Time To Invest In A New Dive Computer!

Suunto has dropped their prices across the board in order to be more competitively priced with the market, making their high performance products more accessible to our divers! Looking for a computer with more features? Check out the new, lower prices on these best-sellers: Suunto’s […]

Project Aware: What We Do Now?

If you have followed along with us and our AWARE Week posts then you know that being an AWARE diver involves more than your actions underwater.  Being an AWARE diver involves taking steps across your whole life in order to help protect and conserve the […]