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slider_travelLearn to scuba dive and get certified on a schedule that fits your life! With our PADI Open Water Diver course, you can learn to dive in the evenings or weekends, and learn at your own pace.

Explore the underwater world — soar with sea turtles, visit pristine reefs, and discover historic shipwrecks. When you become a scuba diver, you will start a new adventure and your vacations will never be the same!

PADI Open Water Scuba Certification in Three Parts

We offer open water scuba certification in three parts: knowledge development, pool sessions and open water dives. After mastering all three parts, you will become a certified PADI Open Water Diver.

Part 1: Knowledge Development

Learn the facts, principles and concepts needed for diving. You can complete much of the “classroom” work of the Open Water Diver course at your own pace — anytime, anywhere. The PADI certification fee is included when you choose one of the three options below:

  • ONLINE: Login to PADI’s eLearning on your desktop or laptop computer and explore several modules with reading and short videos, followed by quizzes and the final exam. Have a question? Ask us online or set up a time to meet with an instructor.
  • TOUCH: Take the online learning offline on your iPad! With this option, you get all of the required materials for use on your Apple or Android tablet. You will, however, need an internet connection to complete quizzes and to submit Knowledge Reviews.
  • BOOK & VIDEO: Pick up the course manual and a DVD to read and watch at your own pace. Once you have completed the knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter in the manual, we will schedule a time for you to meet one-on-one with an instructor to go over the knowledge reviews, ask questions, and take a few quizzes and a final exam.

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Part 2: Pool Sessions

In the pool, you will learn and master many different dive skills and techniques. The number and length of classes can vary based on your schedule and comfort level in the water, but our scheduled classes take one full weekend. You can choose from one of the three options below:

  • WEEKEND CLASSES: We will meet at the pool on a Saturday and Sunday. The regular weekend class usually has about 10 students plus several instructional staff.
  • SEMI-PRIVATE CLASSES: Prefer to go at your own pace? Join our semi-private classes with no more than 2 students per instructor, meeting at the same time as our regular weekend classes. Great for kids or folks who want more time to practice.
  • PRIVATE CLASSES Learn one-on-one with an instructor at the times that work best for you. If you have a pool, we can even come to you! (We usually need a couple of weeks notice to schedule private classes)

Check out the Events Calendar to see our upcoming evening and weekend classes.

Part 3: Open Water Certification Dives

This final portion of the certification includes four dives in an open water setting (such as a lake or ocean) and is done over the course of at least two days. In these four dives, you will demonstrate mastery of the skills learned in the pool in an open water setting. You can choose from one of the three options below:

  • LOCAL DIVING WEEKEND: Join us for a weekend of diving at a local scuba park . We run these certification weekends once each month year-round. Stay close to home while seeing the local underwater sites and meeting some new dive buddies.
  • BLUE PLANET TRIP: You can complete your certification dives during one of our trips to amazing destinations both near and far.
  • REFERRAL: If you already have a trip planned, you can complete your open water dives with another PADI instructor at your destination. We can provide all of your referral paperwork so you will be ready to complete your open water certification.

    • Minimum age: 10 (ages 10-14 can earn a Junior Open Water Diver certification)

    • Bathing suit and towel
    • Mask, fins, snorkel and possibly dive booties (depending on which fins you have)
    • Log book
    • All other gear is provided by Blue Planet (wetsuit, BCD, regulator, weights, and tanks)

    • PADI Open Water Diver eLearning or PADI Open Water Diver Course Pack

    Choose one option from each category:

    Knowledge DevelopmentPool SessionsOpen Water Dives
    A. Online: $195A. Group: $300A. Local: $300
    B. Book/Video: $195B. Semi-Private: $400B. Blue Planet Trip: varies
    C. Private: $500C. Referral: no charge

    • Click here to see upcoming classes
    • You will need to attend a New Diver Orientation sometime before your class meets. These are every Saturday from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM at the shop. Please RSVP in advance.

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