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“I did my pool classes with Paul through Blue Planet and it was incredible! The staff at the shop are great as well-they helped me so so much w my dive tables so I squeaked by in passing the written exam.

Blue Planet ScubaIf you’re thinking about learning how to scuba dive, definitely try blue planet. They’re flexible, reasonably priced and most importantly, don’t laugh at you when you realize one can’t breathe underwater without a regulator. 🙂 thanks, guys!”

– Betsy S. on Yelp, 6/5/2012

“Blue Planet is awesome. I got my open water (the first step) and advanced open water certification with them. Matt is nice and patient. He helps you overcome your fear and work out any of your kinks.

We’ve since gone on multiple trips with them, including Honduras. Each one was amazing with a great mix of folks who are actually friends by the end.

Blue Planet is a great place to get certified and then fall in love with diving.”

– Rebecca F. on Yelp, 10/1/2010

“I’ve been to Key Largo (FL), Lake Rawlings (VA), and Roatan (Honduras) with Blue Planet over the last year. They are the best, and the scuba diving with them is always wonderful–lots of fish, easy diving, great hotels (especially the Cocolobo Hotel in Honduras), and it feels like they know everybody in the diving world. Blue Planet arranges everything, including group meals and side trips. I also got my Nitrox and Advanced Open Water certification with them, which was super convenient and fun.”

– Kellan B. on Yelp, 4/28/2011

“Awesome! This friendly and helpful dive shop really knows how to make its customers feel at home and welcome. I have my Open Water certification, but I wanted my fiance’ to get her’s prior to our honeymoon. I decided to check out Blue Planet. Not only were they responsive to emails, on two separate occasions, at the store my fiance’ and I received one-on-one help and felt as if the staff truly were interested in getting us the best equipment for our needs. There was no pressure and although the store was packed, we were not rushed at all. We were provided with great advice and the products that they have in-store are top of the line. My fiance’ will be taking her classes and going on certification dives with Blue Planet. I will report back on those. If I were to take a guess, based on our in-store interactions, the classes will be excellent. I would recommend this shop to anyone interested in learning to dive or those who are already experienced. What a great find in the middle of the city!!!”

– Marc P. on Yelp, 2/10/2012

“I am so excited that DC now has a real dive shop! I went in here today and was really impressed- the two staff members I talked to there were not only very knowledgeable, but sincerely nice people too. They carry the best in gear and give great advice, and their prices are very reasonable. I will definitely buy my dive gear here and also take one of their refresher courses.”

– Elizabeth F. on 10/23/2010

“Fantastic Shop! Blue Planet is a true find. The owners are honest, caring, and their love of diving really shows through. I took their weekend trip to Florida and it was amazing. The hotel they booked was great, and the dive boats were amazing! Even with the carbon offsets this trip was a really great deal and really nice! I decided to rent gear from Blue Planet instead of the Florida shop and they were so nice and accommodating; they didn’t have the right size BCD in the shop so Matt offered to bring it down to Florida himself! During our dives, even though I’ve been an advanced open water diver for three years I learned things from just casually diving with Matt that even my open water instructor (from a different shop) didn’t bother to teach me. I felt really well cared for but not smothered, and could get as much or as little assistance as I needed. I cannot wait to go on their Galapagos trip next year. Dive with this shop: You won’t regret it.”

– Chrissy S. on Yelp, 8/24/2011

“The owners and instructors at Blue Planet are just great! They provide excellent and accommodating services, are friendly and helpful, and are a pleasure to train with. The level of instruction is top-notch. If you are new to diving as I am, check them out and get certified – you won’t regret it!”

– N.F. on Yelp, 2/20/2012

“Blue Planet is fantastic!  I wanted to get open water SCUBA certified quickly for an upcoming trip to Belize and didn’t have time for the 8-week course offered by many places in the area.  Blue Planet had so many flexible options to choose from–including doing the coursework online and signing up for a private pool session that they would fit to my schedule.

I opted for online classes and group pool sessions and it was a fantastic experience.  The class size was small (I think there were just five of us) and there were almost as many divemasters present to help out as there were students.  If anyone had questions or problems they were given immediate personal attention, with instructors working with them until they mastered the technique.

The staff at Blue Planet has also been incredibly helpful in recommending gear, generous with their time and super friendly.  The prices have also been quite competitive with any other place I surveyed, both for lessons and for gear.  Plus for those living in the city, the location can’t be beat.  I’m really glad I happened upon this gem.”

– Carrie R. on Yelp, 5/17/2011

“I initially got certified elsewhere but went with the Blue Planet folks to Honduras, where I also did my advanced certification. I can’t say enough good things. Their staff is outstanding—smart, good teachers, really know what they’re talking about and they’re fun!  Very different from some places.

Their shop is small but well stocked with everything I have needed, and they sell the best stuff including Atomic regulators and fins and the great Aqualung travel series which I now own. Bonus: didn’t feel that creepy salesman pressure to buy, buy, buy.

Overall, 5-stars plus, great experience!”

– J.A. on Yelp, 1/25/2011

“I got certified with Blue Planet and have been on two Blue Planet diving trips.  They do a great job of taking care of their customers, I was terrified of scuba diving but their instructor Matt really worked through my fears with me and now I’m a scuba lover!

The trips: The two trips I went on (Key Largo, FL and Roatan, Honduras) were spectacular. They chose beautiful diving spots, and both times they got a private boat just for the Blue Planet group which is so much better than some of the huge groups that some dive shops lead.  The best part is that they tailor the trip to your level — I saw Matt spend extra time to work with a beginner in the pool in between dives, and also with advanced divers to get their advanced certification.  They also do a great job selecting the place to stay and the places you eat – it’s a really wonderful group experience.

The store: it’s beautiful!  And it’s about time that DC had a scuba shop in an accessible part of the city – a close walk away from Dupont Circle. I don’t know a lot about different types of gear but they seem like they’ve got some great deals.

The approach: I love that Blue Planet is really looking to connect divers to environmental and conservation efforts.  They’ve been really open to ideas of how to do that better as they build their business, and I love how open they are to customer input.”

– Sha G. on Yelp, 11/3/2010

“Awesome Dive School!

I was certified as an Open Water diver by Blue Planet DC in July 2010 and I have to say it was an incredible experience. I was a little nervous about the whole thing and the whole team at Blue Planet really encourage me and supported me in getting in the water. Not only that they made it a lot of fun. Because of their efforts I not only can enjoy diving, I feel safe and knowledgeable doing so. I can’t wait to go on dive trips with them!”

– Jeff on InsiderPages

“Encouraging and fun!‎‎ I was certified as an Open Water diver by Blue Planet DC in July 2010 and I have to say it was an incredible experience. I was a little nervous about the whole thing and the whole team at Blue Planet really encourage me and supported me in getting in the water. Not only that they made it a lot of fun. Because of their efforts I not only can enjoy diving, I feel safe and knowledgeable doing so. I can’t wait to go on dive trips with them!”

– Shaun on Google

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