Blue Planet DC Bike Ride - November 24, 2017

As divers, we love adventures under the sea, but many of us enjoy adventure above the sea as well. Join Blue Planet Scuba for a Fall bike ride with fellow divers. Enjoy the sites DC has to offer, chat about your adventures, and maybe even break out in a sweat. It’s a great way to work off the Thanksgiving feast!

When: Friday, November 24; 11:00 AM

Where: Philz Coffee, SW Waterfront

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We’ll ride from the SW Waterfront up to the Arboretum, ride a loop to see what’s there in the fall, and gather at the Capitol Pillars for some cider (warm/cold to be determined by the day). From there, we’ll make our way back to the SW Waterfront. If you don’t need to rush home, there’s some cool places to grab something to eat, or a quick ice cream treat in the Waterfront area.

The ride will begin and end at Philz Coffee. This will let you get some coffee to juice you up in the morning.  Since it’s not technically a holiday, we’ll be leaving at 11:30. That gives everyone time to get there on the metro if they want to use it. We will return before 3:00 (bikes aren’t allowed on the metro after 4pm). The ride will be ~14 miles, so there’s plenty of time to relax, chat while we ride, take our time, and see the sights. The majority of the ride will be on trails, calm residential roads, and restricted park roads. There will be one section where we’ll need to ride the sidewalk next to a large road, but it’s not too long.

Speed racer?
Some of you may want to go a bit faster if you’re going through the trouble of breaking out the bike. If there’s enough interest, we’ll split the group in two. The second group will make their way meandering a bit more along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail (ART) for roughly 23 miles total. This group will move a bit faster (think quick jog instead of walk), and make shorter stops so they can complete their longer path in the same amount of time. We’ll also add a major multi-lane road to the route, but we’ll take one of the lanes when we ride it. The goal would be to have both groups meet at the Capitol Pillars, then meet again at the end.

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